Dr. Abdulazim Marafi

Senior Research Scientist - PRC


Dr. Abdulazim Marafi is a Senior Research Scientist at Petroleum Research Center (PRC) at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) since April 2015. He acquired his Ph. D degree with Distinction in the major of chemical engineering from University of Oklahoma, USA in 1996. He obtained his MSc degree in chemical engineering from University of Southern California, USA in 1988, and B.Sc degree in Chemical Engineering from Kuwait University in 1983. Dr. Marafi joined KISR in 1983, and has worked as an Assistant & Associate Researcher. After his Ph. D completion in 1996, since then, he worked in different activities related to the petroleum refining. He was involved in projects related to petroleum and petroleum products characterization, crude oil assays. He is also involved on projects related to clean fuel technologies and heavy oil upgrading, catalyst evaluation and process optimization of resid and gas oil hydro-treatment.

Dr. Marafi has to his credit in the area of petroleum refining during his carrier development more than 30 publications in refereed journals, 50 papers and extended abstracts in proceedings of highly respected conferences, 35 technical reports,  21 project progress reports, proposals and technical articles in area of refining for Arabic Magazines. Dr. Marafi also participated as an instructor on 17 formal technical in the area of petroleum refining. Dr. Marafi was awarded in 2015 as the top 20 distinguished Scientist at KISR and Kuwait for Advance Foundation (KFAS) Award on the Scientific Production in the area of Chemical Engineering.  

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