Nader Mosavat

Director of Programmes, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Muscat University

Nader Mosavat is currently Director of Programmes in Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Muscat University. He is recipient of 2016 National Research Award in Energy and Industry Research Field by The Research Council, Oman. Prior to joining Muscat University, he was research leader in Oil and Gas Research Center at Sultan Qaboos University where he developed research and supervised MSc and PhD students. In 2014-2015, he was post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. As a Post-doc fellow in SintonLab, his research was focused on micro-scale flooding examination of SAGD, ES-SAGD, and Solvent-based processes using micro-chips. Nader obtained two BSc degrees in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Mechanical and a MSc in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering. He holds PhD in Petroleum Systems Engineering on investigating CO2-based EOR while having “Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Graduate Scholarship”. He has more than 20 journal publications as well as number of conference presentations. Dr. Mosavat’s research interest are: Enhanced Oil Recovery (Solvent, Thermal, Chemical, Microbial), Waterflood Optimization, Microfluidics (Micromodels) and Nanofluidics for Oil and Gas Applications, Oil and Gas Field Development and Management, Reservoir Simulation (Micro-/Lab- /Field-scale, Black Oil/Compositional), and Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploitation (extra heavy oil and tight formations).

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