عقد تحت رعاية وزارة النفط والغاز، سلطنة عمان

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  • Heavy oil continues to dominate and production will continue to rise. Our strategy is to localize the industry and increase our ability to respond fast. That’s where we’re driving our In-Country Value programme, which all operators are supporting. Oman continues to be open for business. The message to international operators is transfer your technology, share it with us, and we will extend our support to you as well.

    His Excellency Salim bin Nasser Al Aufi

    Undersecretary, Ministry of Oil and Gas
    Sultanate of Oman
  • The Turnaround project is a great example of key operators, covering the full spectrum of up/mid and downstream operations in the Oman oil and gas industry, working collaboratively together to deliver In-Country Value. The Congress provided us with an excellent opportunity to publicize this important step in our efforts to develop Omani talent in the industry, as well as allowing us to set an example of how such collaborations can encourage a more sustainable oil and gas future globally.

    Raoul Restucci

    Managing Director
    Petroleum Development Oman
  • We’re looking forward to the upcoming event, which we are proud to be hosting in Oman for the second year running. The Congress will raise a wide range of topics pertinent to the current global heavy oil industry. As the industry matures and we continue to innovate and pioneer new technologies, forums like this provide important opportunities for collaborations, innovation, and investments. Attendants can look forward to addressing key challenges and opportunities with experts and likeminded colleagues from the heavy oil community around the globe, learn about future developments, reconnect with existing customers and establish new relationships through extensive networking opportunities.

    Dr Saleh Al Anboori

    Director General of Planning and Studies, Ministry of Oil and Gas
    Sultanate of Oman and WHOC 2019 Advisory Board Chairman
  • The current production of heavy oil globally is around 15 per cent. Oman contributes a good portion of this and we are trying to grow it, but the future depends on access to affordable technology and innovative and sustainably viable technical solutions. This was a major theme during the Congress, where we discussed the transfer of technology from lab to field. Through this platform we have been able to share our challenges and our strengths, and host global experts to share knowledge and exchange know-hows to utilize them to enable sustainable growth in the industry.

    Junaid Ghulam

    Petroleum Engineering Manager – Oil South
    Petroleum Development Oman and WHOC 2019 Advisory Board Chairman
  • Oman’s oil production comes from a mixture of Medium to Heavy Oil, so it’s important for us to maintain our levels. However, producing heavy oil is a challenge and we’ve always had to be innovative when it comes to the techniques, we employ to ensure higher recoveries, while taking into account environmental issues.

    Dr Rifaat Al Mjeni

    EOR Portfolio Leader
    Petroleum Development Oman and WHOC 2019 Technical Committee Chairman
  • JP Global Digital, the leading provider of end-to-end 3D digital solutions for the oil & gas Industry, is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the World Heavy Oil Congress and Exhibition 2019. The event provides exposure to a vast network of businesses and SME's, increasing awareness of the latest trends in technology. WHOC brings together O&G leaders as we enter the 4th Industrial Age.

    Ysaac Coronado

    President & CEO and Co-founder
    JP Global Digital
  • With Oman’s vast unexploited heavy oil resources, investor friendly environment and transparent business practices, Oman is definitely a place where we want to be. We are very pleased to be part of the 2019 World Heavy Oil Congress and Exhibition and look forward to sharing our industry knowledge and gaining some valuable insights from the world’s most influential leaders.

    Jonas Lindvall

    CEO and Managing Director
    Maha Energy
  • It’s a pleasure to be taking part in this congress, alongside some of the leading industry veterans and top contemporary thinkers. We expect to engage in a meaningful discussion on how to meet increasing demand for higher quality products, and keep refinery technologies and infrastructure updated to upgrade heavy oil efficiently. We will also be putting our heads together on sustainability concepts and innovations, which is increasingly important in today’s world.

    Jiří Hájek

    Director of Development and Innovation and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Cavitas Energy was at the 2019 World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition introducing THOR, Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Downhole heater. It’s our second time in this show, we were visiting last year, and we exhibited this year. This event is a hub for everything happening in the Middle East region, certainly in respect to heavy oil production. We have some good opportunity here to work with regional operators. From my perspective dmg events and World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition have put on a great show again this year with very excellent content in the Strategic & Technical sessions. Lots of good exhibitors and visitors and we look forward to exhibiting again next year.

    Steven Johnstone

    Managing Director
    Cavitas Energy – Aberdeen & Scotland


  • The 9th World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition enabled collaboration between heavy oil professionals from across the globe. Attendees from over 41 countries joined us in the Sultanate of Oman and the event provided many opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking between Omanis and our guests. We are happy to see this event in the Sultanate for the next three years and look forward to welcoming you all to Oman and the World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition in 2019.

    His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Hamad Al Rumhy

    Minister of Oil & Gas
    Sultanate of Oman
  • World Heavy Oil Congress and Exhibition tackles very specific and important topic of heavy oil, bringing together the experts and experiences of people all over the world and especially in Oman who have been in forefront in the industry. Developing its heavy oil resources is very important and I think it’s an opportunity for us to learn the experiences in Oman and other places on how to effectively produce heavy oil and use best technologies available. My appreciation and thanks to His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Hamad Al Rumhy, Minister of Oil & Gas and to all the organisers for setting up a fantastic conference and hoping to see you soon in the near future.

    His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

    Minister of Oil
    Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Occidental is honored to attend the World Heavy Oil Congress and Exhibition (WHOC). For more than a dozen years, we have had the privilege of operating Mukhaizna, a heavy oil field that is also the largest oil field in the country. Our employees have developed tremendous expertise in heavy oil, particularly the Omanis we have been fortunate to hire and train from the concession areas where we operate. They have developed unparalleled experience in the region, and are a tremendous asset to us and to Oman. WHOC provides excellent opportunities for knowledge transfer and business networking, and we look forward to returning next year.

    Steve Kelly

    President & General Manager
    Occidental Oman
  • There are people who say that Heavy Oil is a sun setting industry with the advent of renewables and there isn’t much to be had in heavy oil. Well you need to just be here to see the energy, vibe and attendance to actually see that people are hungry and thirsty and we want to make the best of the resources that we have been endowed with. Heavy oil is here to stay for a long time to come; and here, at the conference, we have been engaging, networking, and interacting on how to take back all the learnings and knowledge to continue to responsibly sustain heavy oil for the decades to come

    Junaid Ghulam

    Field Development Manager
    Petroleum Development Oman
  • I think the title of this conference is a hot topic in itself. Internationally and even within Oman and Gulf region, heavy oil is a fast becoming part of the energy mix; therefore, advancement in technology is always ongoing. I do think the importance of research and development of heavy oil in upstream & downstream is essential part to be addressed in this conference and will definitely help fill the gap towards commercialization. Attending events such as the World Heavy Oil Congress is an excellent source to network, meet new people and get latest information about the developments in the heavy oil industry.

    Dr. Abdulazim Marafi

    Senior Research Scientist
    Petroleum Research Center, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research
  • The World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition provided us with an opportunity to meet and network with the heavy oil community. We were also delighted to be part of the panel discussions where we shared knowledge on how we are a leader in energy convergence, uniting renewable and conventional energy industries. We also shared our success story in building Miraah, one of the world’s largest solar plants in the world. We look forward to coming back for future editions and join heavy oil professionals that come from Oman and across the world, in taking the sector forward.

    Steven Moss

    GlassPoint Solar